.​.​.​they said "no future"

by Alienate!

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Ein Haufen Informationen Rieselt auf dich ein Du sollst dich in Sicherheit wiegen Dann wieder betroffen sein Bilder des Schreckens, allgegenwärtig Scheinbar so weit weg Fühlst du dich frei vom Elend? Siehst du das Böse woanders versteckt? Die Meinung vorgeschrieben Ihr Haltet Sie dumm Ideale ausgetrieben alle bleiben stumm Ihr füttert sie mit Bildern Erzieht sie zum Konsum Die mühlen laufen weiter Und darum haltet sie dumm Da! Wieder ein neuer Skandal Der deinen Fokus verschiebt Wird sinnlos breit getreten Bis es neue Aufreger gibt Ein guter Boden zum Hetzen Das Volk will Emotion Deutsche Gefühle, stolze Experten So einfach fühlst du dich gut Misstrauen gepflanzt - Ängste geschürt Gefühle verkauft - tief drin gerührt Feindbilder erzeugt - Menschen als Instrumente Kriege verschwiegen - Länder geraubt Tyrannen installiert - Mauern gebaut Konflikte entfacht - dick profitiert Du hast ihnen geglaubt - jetzt rastest du aus Fortschrittslüge - wir rennen im Kreis Du bist ihnen gefolgt - jetzt frag dich wohin Erziehung zur wahrheit - naiv sind die anderen
Drown 02:30
Don‘t look back or else you‘ll drown forget the past or else you‘ll drown Wake up! Get out of bed relive the things you‘ve done wrong tie ‘em around your neck Waves of sorrows waiting to crash in regretting thoughts about the fucks you‘ve given think you live to fail you get a little drunk and you‘ll end in jail Tapping on your shoulder, glad to see you strange feelings - you acted like a fool you‘ll never forget her face when she left her smile had gone away Facing hard times – you had to go away „i‘ll be back“ was all you said drawn to adventure, turned around laughing never made a call – left him wait for nothing When you think about the past something spreads in your veins controls your body, takes your mind away you‘ve felt you caused every wrong failure seemed to be your point in life now forget this shit, leave the guilt behind I know, you can be strong Now don‘t look back you don‘t have to prove them wrong forget the past forever stand strong
Shelter 03:08
We need a shelter to rest so let‘s break into this climb up the wall, cut the barbed wire be quiet and go Don‘t speak just keep an eye on me Steal a bite to eat not afraid of the arrest it won‘t bring us down so just take all of it The fear has all gone when I remember your smile In the coldest night when I fall asleep you take care of my dreams when I close my eyes for the last time the sorrows will be eased
Häuser 01:13
Außen: Eine alte Fassade Innen: Nichts zu sehen Drinnen: Ein kalter Zug Draußen: Stummes Gelächter Die Häuser schreien Drinnen: Gewitter tritt ein Draußen: Starre Gesichter Außen: Es löst sich alles Innen: Es will hier fort
Alienate! 01:55
Born into a golden cage that‘s ruled by envy, greed and hate you‘re told to get wealth and fame and to never question your fate Superficial bastards tell you how to live sucking out your power till you got nothing more to give Alienate! from this society Alienate! don’t go their fucked up way Alienate! reject what they stand for Alienate! be yourself resist ‘em all You‘re attracted by power in a well ordered hierarchy your lack of innovation is the border in your head You forgot what it‘s like to be your own creation when do you realize that soon it‘s too late
Look behind: The pile of desasters is growing continiously Are you gonna run? Are you gonna hide? When the mask of civilisation falls? Take a look to the side: Your alleged fellow is aiming at you Take a look at this inert mass: Equal rights are still in question Take a look to the ground: What used to be fertile is sucked empty and dry Take a look at the sea: Poverty shows its impact with an eternal silent cry Can’t you see the signs? The mask of civilisation will soon be washed away Do you still believe? So fold your hands, but heaven won‘t be reached
Ruins 02:55
I roam the city, I‘m still alive I look at the ruins of what once was mine it‘s my goodbye to old hunting grounds I wanna know why we were going down so fast We lived reckless but conscious it was my heart, now it‘s dead junx have taken over our streets and parks that‘s what happens when action becomes less than talk Have we been held down? Our struggle didn‘t end we‘ll keep on fighting for what it meant make something out of nothing our beliefs will stay until the end It gave us hope it gave us strength they said „no future“ but here we are gather and resist stand against the fascists stand against the state unite, fight back, start to create the youth will rise again time‘s ripe for the attack it‘s time that we take our streets back All we wanted was freedom but soon indifference arrived hanging out with fascists?! You have to take a stand when „attitude“ means hatred and denial intoxication replaced values the whole scene went down the drain back then we stood against it, to no avail now we gonna fight again
Your Fall 02:54
So? Did your doubts return? Your concerns reach endlessly deep you can‘t see clear living your life in circles it‘s always the same you want a voice but you got nothing to say It seems like everybody‘s fooling you it seems like the hatred on you still grows they see it in your attitude but there‘s no reason for, you know even if you really have to you‘re not strong enough to go Biased perception, destroyed reflection get outta my head it‘s time to realize, my friend get outta my head it‘s the beginning of the end get outta my head it‘s time to realize, my friend you‘re the beginning of the end Every day‘s indifferent you‘ve seen it a thousand times every day the same old shit is stuck in your mind you think you know the world have you seen it all? You don‘t even know yourself so you fall
Driven by the need, driven by the speed driven by a failed, dead promise to keep fill the void, pour a glass full of emptyness judgemental eyes, whose expectations to fit? judgemental eyes - leave me be! What brought me here, what got me here, will I ever break through? What brought me here, what got me here, will I ever break free? Bottle for bottle - everyday Bottle for bottle - to escape his own hell Bottle for bottle - everyday Bottle for bottle - and the stigma will prevail Looking for the bottle in a constant way not driven by the need, but the bills to pay to be provided by a state to be confronted with hate Trying to make a living out of nothing starvation wage and bespoken in shame
Broken Wings 03:33
Your freedom is just shit you do everything in purpose of the next hit in the mouth, in the nose, in the vein you cannot always flee when you‘re goin‘ to young street punx you give them some narcotics you think that‘s normal, you think that‘s cool to take their pride, take their power, take their life punch in your face My body, my rules, my ideas, my attitude you‘re just a fuck up, standing in my way tellin‘ me what to hear, what to do, what to think, what to say How can I keep my positive way of life? being confronted by all this shit in this time I don‘t mind if you get fucked up but pushing friends over the edge? You need to stop stop forcing your opinion onto others your chauvinistic actions are gonna bring you down you‘re no part of us take care of your people maybe they ain‘t got your blurred view of life you’re flyin‘ on broken wings soon you are lost
Mirrors 03:13 video
Take a look at you you‘re at the edge and in the centre at the same time you don‘t come to these decisions but you see what they do to you You recognize these gestures in others and you don‘t know how you feel floating in a ruin of apathy determined, but strange to yourself Nonetheless only you is what you see only you is what you feel only you is what you hate you‘re doomed, you‘re scared, you‘re judged distraught I don‘t see with your eyes I don‘t feel with your heart when I‘m supposed to glow I stay cold when you talk to me I avoid the answer When you try to reach me I go away suddenly frustrated when you try to reach me I go away reach me - I go away There‘s no question of blame I'm reckless and I can‘t remember why but I don‘t care, I can‘t change I‘m close, I‘m strange These ain‘t my mistakes, you can‘t defeat me I won‘t give in, I‘m not afraid nothing will break me ‘cause I‘m ready for everything doubts are worthless I won‘t crawl, I‘ll keep on standing
No Life 03:35
Don‘t you dare complaining time to stop dreaming think about your future commit yourself to western life build a career and hang on to it get outta your own way we‘ll grant no mistakes always choose the safe routes now look at you if you just keep on striving one day life will be nice to you I‘m not always making plans When I‘d rather just go out avoiding your highways that you‘ve built not for me I can‘t see life out there just limits and bans all that moves freely is your enemy you want to control us, we want to be free your guiding culture will always upset me Remembering the past is making me sad imagining the future is equally bad pressures all around me they‘ll never set me free no place to where I can escape there‘s no life for me you can‘t break my dreams I‘ll never live for one of these pricks who‘s bawling and spying commanding and lying one thing to do step out and resist We‘re happy with ourselves don‘t need your guiding hand we‘re waiting for the moment you finally give in life will prevail our numbers increase your time is up give us the good life it‘s not enough to say „give us the good life“ let‘s move from words to deeds so let‘s get up now and reclaim the streets


Produced by Fabian Schulz.

Recorded mixed and mastered at Sunsetter Studio in Bremen in 2019.

All songs written and performed by Alienate!
Lyrics of "Bottle for Bottle" by Matasten.

Alienate! would like to thank everyone who supported and accompanied us on our way to this record. It would'nt be the same without you.

Support and solidarity to all people, projects and movements worldwide that stand against capitalist, authoritarian, fascist, racist, ableist, patriarchal, homophobic or sexist aspirations.


released September 14, 2020




Alienate! Münster, Germany

Le - Git, Vocals
Leolicious -
Bass, Vocals
Farin - Drums

They started in 2013 and mostly play on DIY punk shows.

Forming their first punk band in 2005, the two Les consider starting playing music as one of the best things they've ever done.
It's hard to express how important this proved to be for Farin, who joined in 2014. It literally saved his life.
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